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Author :Lynsey

The Benefits of Waxing...

For first time waxers the thought of stripping off and baring all may seem a little daunting but there are so many reasons to get into a good waxing routine...

For some, just avoiding the daily chore of shaving may be enough, let alone being safe in the knowledge that you will be free of nicks, cuts and that dreaded shaving rash for good! Alongside this, most waxing products these days are made of all natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive! This means there is less chance of the skin being left irritated like it could be with topical hair removal creams containing nasty chemicals.

As well as the above waxing is a great time saver! An hour out of your day once every 4 - 6 weeks rather than that morning shaving ritual when you could be sitting back enjoying your brew instead!

Once you are into a regular waxing routine you can expect to be hair free for up to 4 weeks AND your hairs will begin to grow back smoother and finer over time. I have a client, for example, who has been regularly waxing for the last 10-15 years and now comes in for me to remove just 6 hairs at most from each leg, (front and back)! She continues with her treatments as waxing is also a great way to give the skin a light exfoliation at the same time meaning her legs are always silky smooth and hair free.

Now, whilst its undeniable shaving has many pro's over other hair removal techniques most people will have their concerns about the dreaded pain from waxing! As I mentioned earlier most waxes are now made out of natural ingredients and there are actually many forms of wax out on the market. Any therapist worth their salt will be able to look at your hair and best diagnose the type of wax which will suitably remove your hair.

Strip wax is a fantastic quick and easy way to remove hair from larger parts of the body such as your legs, where as Hot Wax is perfect to be used on more sensitive areas of the skin such as bikini lines and underarms. This is because the wax simply grips the hairs and doesn't adhere to the skin meaning there is less drag and pull on the skin in these sensitive areas resulting in a much more comfortable treatment for you!

It usually takes 3 - 4 treatments to get into your waxing routine as if you shave or use depilatory creams on a daily basis you will find your hairs will all be in different stages of growth and this can take time to rectify. However, establishing and maintaining a good waxing routine is a fantastic way to keep yourself hair free and your skin in great condition!

You can book in with any of our waxing therapists at Paintbox online - or by calling the salon on 01423 810710. Any questions? feel free to call or drop in for some of our expert advice and start your waxing routine today!


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