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Author :Emily


Developed by two skincare experts, their combined knowledge and experience was gained over 60 years while working with thousands of salons and therapists.

At Katherine Daniels, they know that choosing the right products for your skin should be based on more than just your skin type; genetics, lifestyle, climate and environment in which you live are also key factors which define your skin type and condition.

Katherine Daniels has been created to treat the most common skin issues and conditions that we see in our salon. They use marine based ingredients so you you do not need to worry about any harsh chemicals being used in any of their products which makes it suitable for everyone.

Our products and treatments will soothe, strengthen and nurture a sensitive skin back into great shape. Dry skin will be softened, nourished and left comfortable and supple. Dehydration is treated by re-hydration and preventing water loss from the skin.

Katherine Daniels includes premium anti-ageing ingredients so that you will never have to forfeit the opportunity to keep your skin looking fabulous for your age.

Katherine Daniels products have won numerous awards and can only be found in exclusive Salons. After one treatments you will instantly see the results, your skin will feel soft, plumped, soft and able to breath. With regular courses you will notice that your collagen in your skin will awaken and start to naturally plump your skin to achieve the best results and give you a healthy glow to your skin.

For more information on our fantastic new product and to book in for facial please contact us on 01423 810 710 or email us.

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